The EcoSMART Difference

EcoSMART is the world's leading producer of organic pesticides.

All EcoSMART products are made from patented blends of essential
plant oils, and have been extensively tested at leading universities
and independent research laboratories.

EcoSMART's proprietary formulas are as effective as traditional
synthetic pesticides but completely safe for people, petsand the

Patented technology kills fast and is based on natural defences
that plants and trees use to protect themselves from insects and

The Secret Behind The Science
How EcoSMART Products Work

Scientists have long known that plants produce compounds called
 essential oils that provide natuaral defences against insects and

Through the years of research and development EcoSMART
scientists have identified and blended these natural compounds
 to create a line of highly effective organic pesticides.

EcoSMART's patented blends of essential plant oils work by
blocking specific neural pathways called Octopamine receptors...
that only exist in insects.

This causes immediate "knock-down" followed rapidly by the
 insects death. EcoSMART's botanical formulas also have strong
 repellency characteristics keeping new bugs out of treated areas.

Mammals, birds, and fish do not have receptors for Octopamine,
 so EcoSMART pesticides have no adverse affect on them.




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